Termite Infestations

Termite infestations occur when subterranean termites nest within the soil around your house.  These termites need protection from the elements, so they build mud tubes over exposed foundations and travel through these tubes to wooden structures. These dried mud tubes are a serious indication thay a termite infestation may be present.  Homes and buildings that are built on a concrete slab provide a shorter distance from the ground to the wood framing and therefore provide easier access for termites to enter these wooden structures.

Another sign of a termite infestation is when winged adults begin to swarm and flying termites are found inside the house. This usually occurs in the spring or fall.  Swarming termites are typically dark brown and have two pairs of nearly equally sized wings.  They are also very weak flyers.

Wood damaged by termites often contains tunneling inside the wood that is very difficult to identify.  The tunneling can be so extensive that only a wooden shell is all that covers the damaged wood. Penetrating the covering of the damaged wood with a screwdriver of knife can reveal the mud tubes lining wood tunnels just under the wood surface.

Wooden constructions in basement and crawl spaces, wooden window sills, joists, support posts, basement window frames and wood trellaces under porches, are all great places to search for termite activity. Scrap wood or wood piles outside around the house should be removed because they are potential feeding areas that may allow termites easier access into the home.  Termites can also be found in wood stumps when a dead tree has been removed, and old wooden fences.

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