Termite Chemical Treatments

Termite chemical treatments are the most common treatment type used to remove subterranean termites.

Termite Inspection ServiceThe goal of a termite chemical treatment is to establish a permanent and continuous barrier between wood structures and the termite colony. By treating both sides of all foundation elements a lasting barrier can be established. This barrier prevents termites from entering the structure. Injecting termiticide into the soil at specific intervals is usually performed by a technician.  Masonry block foundations have hollow spaces within them that can be treated by drilling and injecting the chemical treatment into the internal space.  The protective barrier stops termites from penetrating into the property.  The chemical treatment lasts about 5 years and can be very affordable.


Termite colonies are made up of workers and soldier termites.  Each has a unique role to play in the colony.  Soldiers defend the colony from attack by invaders like ants and other insects. The workers are the most dangerous to human structures because they bore through the wood by digesting the cellulose material of the wood.


Termite colonies are established when the king and quenn mate and lay eggs. Upon maturation the eggs hatch into nymphs. The queen determines the caste type that the nymph will belong to based on the needs of the colony. The queen secretes chemicals that cause the nymph to transform into a soldier, worker or reproductive termite. It is the secreted chemical that determines the type of the chemical.







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